10 Things You Need On Your Stag Do

A stag do is a man’s last night of freedom so it’s only right that you celebrate things in style. Check out Algarve Fun and plan an unforgettable Stag Do,Here’s the guide to everything you need for a great stag do and an even better morning after.

Alcohol and lots of it

I mean how can you recreate The Hangover if you’re not drunk? A stag do is the one time any man can break free especially if you’re working in an office all day. Which is where the alcohol of any form comes in. If you’re are going to get drunk then you do need to do it properly which means spirits, liquor or anything you can get your hands on.


Any stag do won’t be complete without props. For this I suggest you raid a local adult store and pick up anything that will embarrass the husband to be. It’s his stag do after all and he can’t say no.


You’re going to need travel for all your friends from your house to the big city for your big night out. May Day Travel London coach hire will take you and your whole crew to your hotel. This is a lot cheaper than driving yourself, and you can start drinking on the coach!


Now here you can be as flexible as you like, as it is merely a matter of preference. Some traditional stag do entertainment is obviously a stripper but more and more men are moving away from this to go for real team building fun like paintball or a trip to Las Vegas.


Costumes are probably the most notorious part of a stag do. Some people go completely wild and come up with wacky costumes for an extra-added bit of humour. Another popular option when it comes to clothing though is printed t shirts. We all know every group of lads have nicknames for each other, some deliberately embarrassing. Having matching T-shirts makes your stag do look like a force to be reckoned with.


A stag do is the perfect opportunity to bring out every manly piece of food possible. As the stag’s last “free day” it’s his chance to eat whatever he wants. So that means Ribs, Steak, Bacon and ridiculous amounts of meat. A dinner for the whole squad to look forward to.


Traditionally gambling is always a part of a stag do. Fitting in with the idea of a stag do being one night of freedom is exactly why it’s the perfect way to end your night. Casinos are always open 24 hours and that means your entourage really don’t have to go home.


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