What you need to know when planning a house party

Everyone likes a house party and everyone loves to enjoy one. However, most people do not like organizing the same as it requires good amount of time, patience and planning as well. So what do you need to plan a house party?

Planning a house party

Before you throw a house party, there are certain things that you need to consider.The first thing is planning the guest list. However, before your guests even lay eyes on you, get a clean cut from Drakes of London. You’ll thank us! Then you need to decide on the number of guests you would invite.Make a diverse guest list as people love to come to the party to enjoy and meet new people and new friends.Invite your friends and colleagues, your colleagues friends and their friends as well for a great enjoyable party.

Invite your friends

When you have decided to host the party, and you have decided on the list of people you want to invite, invite them.there are various options of inviting your friends either with the help of phone, SMS, Email, Twitter,Instagram, Facebook and other digital social media options.You can enclose all the details like where you are hosting the party, the timing,what your guests need to bring and the timings for the same.You can also hire Capitall Marquees in Essex who will help you in organizing the house party and also organize fun and entertainment for your guests when they are bored.

Make way for a dance floor

If you have a number of guests who are planning to visit your party, you should make enough space for them so that they can dance on the floors.Roll up all the carpets and move all the furniture against the walls so that they have enough space for dancing.More guests mean more space and this is what is required if you call guests at home for a party.Also try and pick out a theme for the party so that your guests can enjoy and dance to the theme of the music. Feed them with good food, rich in goodness and cooked to perfection using Flax Oil, so that they are satisfied.

These are the things that you need to keep into consideration while planning a house party.


Top 5 occasions you would hire a mobile bar

Considering to hire a mobile bar for your event? If your answer is a yes, you have taken a very wise decision. It can be beneficial for your party or event.

Whenever you plan to host a party or an event, the first thing that comes to your mind is to impress the guests attending. You definitely want the event to be perfect and successful. Aside from the food and drink that gets served, the venue and the entertainment part, you need to pay attention to the decoration as well.

Decorations can bring all the difference in the event as it makes the whole event appear spectacular. But spending excessively on the decoration is not a wise idea because after the event is over the decoration gets disposed. But, if you are still interested in including decoration in order to accentuate the event, hiring a mobile bar is the perfect option. It is not only attractive in looks but functional as well. You need a bar on several occasions. Let us find it out.

Outdoor business events

Whether it is a job fair, a company seminar, a recruiting event or any company related occasion, employees and individuals need a secured space in which the operations are held. You can use the mobile bar as a portable office and the best part is that they are available in different sizes and can be set up in any condition. Henceforth, it has emerged as the perfect tool for workforce.

Launching of new products

If you own a business venture and have plans for launching any new product or service, a mobile bar can be an excellent aspect to consider. When you place your company’s or product’s advertising on the mobile bar, it is an excellent means of marketing or promoting your company’s brand. In fact, you can also hire a bar with your product’s or service’s personalized logo and texts as well.

School functions

Schools are known to conduct a myriad of different events and functions. Carnivals, athletic meets, outdoor graduation events are some of the occasions that demand for arrangements and proper organization. Having a mobile bar can be a functional as well as a cost effective option for the school authorities.

Wedding ceremonies

Today, more and more people prefer outdoor weddings instead of going for traditional church weddings. Installing a mobile bar can be an excellent idea, especially when you have a wide variety of drinks, such as Twelve-By-Seventy-Five wine, to offer to your guests and your wedding venue is somewhere outdoor. The bars can be customized as per your needs. It can add a life to the wedding ceremonies.

Parties and get togethers

Mobile bars are just not the business world alone, but is very handy for private parties, outdoor gatherings and get togethers. Whether you want to serve drinks or food, they are perfect for parties and have been kitted out by only the best beer gas suppliers. Mobile bars are preferred because there is no problem with the constructions and the whole process also becomes less stressful.

The above mentioned are the top five situations or occasions that demand for mobile bars. In case, you are planning to arrange and organize any of the above occasions, hiring a mobile bar seems to be a very good idea.

Event 3

Finding the Best Wedding Supplier

A wedding wouldn’t be much without a wedding supplier, a person or a company that makes it all possible and allows everyone to enjoy this perfect and special day without experiencing any hiccups. However, this does not mean that just about any wedding supplier is a good one and that you ought to hire the very first one you come across. No, you should choose carefully and do your best to find the top wedding supplier for your special day so they can organise everything from your marquee to your personalised sweet bags by Tabetha’s Touch. Not many people know how exactly to do this, and that is why everyone should read this. So, if you’ve ever wondered about how to find the best wedding supplier, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to present you with some tips that you ought to follow in order to make this all happen; and you have nothing to worry about, this search for the best wedding supplier won’t cost you anything. Well, it may cost you some time, and that’s all.

1 – Ask Around

Now, this step might not be anything innovative, nor is this idea something that’s going to completely revolutionize the searches for wedding suppliers, but it is something that works, and that should be attempted no matter what. You probably already have someone you know that has had a wedding, and that has had a wedding supplier hired for that occasion. Ask them about their wedding suppliers and if they were happy with them and their work. If they say that they were completely happy, there is no need to look any further, because you’ve just found yourself a good wedding supplier. All that’s left for you now is to come in contact with them and see if they’re available for the exact day you need them for.

However, if your friend tells you that they weren’t quite happy with the wedding supplier that they’ve had for their wedding, you’ll need to continue looking. And we’ve got the best place to do it!

2 – Look Online

Internet – the place where you can find pretty much anything. Well, it’s also the place where you can find great wedding suppliers, but you just need to know where to look. Don’t go to the suppliers’ websites; try something else – going to online forums where people talk about weddings! Find a thread on The Wedding Guide about wedding suppliers, and try to find the place on that thread where they speak about the suppliers near you. See what the people think and what the best wedding supplier is according to them. Then, you ought to do some more research about the supplier said to be the best, and then just give them a call.

3 – Visit Them

There is nothing better that talking face to face, and that is why you ought to visit some of these wedding suppliers in person. Talk to them, ask to see a list of their previous engagements and letters of recommendations, and only when you make sure that one of the suppliers you’ve visited is truly the best, you should try and reach a deal with them. It really is rather simple, and what’s best about it, it won’t cost you a penny.

wedding-reception-4qwdehm6At weddings, music is a necessity to create a brilliant day, not only for you but for your guests, too. Music is a vital way of helping guests to unwind at such an informal event as a wedding. It helps them to feel comfortable, despite the formality of the occasion and ceremony. It also provides a sense of entertainment in the evening after the ceremony. Although an iPod playlist can be used, this does not provide the same amount of interaction, as hiring a DJ will. DJ hire or hiring a Teach Tutti musician is preferred over iPod playlists, for the following reasons.


The most obvious advantage of hiring a professional DJ is their experience. They will have been a DJ at a number of previous events, including weddings. Therefore, they will have inside knowledge of what guests and crowds in general respond well to. They will know when to slow things down, and when to play party classics, ensuring a well received response from your guests.


A DJ will be responsible for various effects whilst playing music. This can range from sound effects, lighting effects and even other special effects. Without a DJ, you are likely to be too busy to be tending to the music, playing with effects. DJs often control lighting, to change the mood of the room. Sound effects such as echoes add something special to your music of choice. Other effects such as smoke or lasers may also be available.


With a premade iPod playlist, you cannot respond to the demands of your guests. You may have forgotten a killer party tune, or may wish to add music as the night goes on, to suit the mood. DJs often play songs from a laptop or hard drive, thus possessing a world of music just a click away. Guests can simply ask for a song they like to be played and are almost guaranteed that it would be played.

Finding a DJ for your event can be difficult, but with help it can be made easy. You could simply ask your wedding venue for their list of recommended DJs or search for DJ hire from your area. However, you should ensure that your DJ has a list of your preferred tracks, to make sure that they can definitely play these!

thumbsGone are the days where cameras are the only ways to capture a memory. Now we have numerous ways from, our phones down to video cameras and even Snapchat. Something that seems to be becoming extremely popular for a number of different reasons is a photo booth.

Now we all know that pretty much everyone uses photo booths for passport photos. They’re quick, easy and convenient considering they’re plastered in every supermarket that exists, however the need for photo booths has evolved. And here’s exactly when and why you need one:


Traditionally at a wedding you’d hire a photographer or even a videographer in todays technology age. Whilst these are all good means of keeping memories that you can put in your photo albums they’re not exactly fun. Which is exactly what you get when you hire a photo booth. Your wedding guests can pose with silly props to their hearts content. There’s something nostalgic and exciting about taking photos behind a curtain that no one else can see.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are exactly the place that you need a photo booth. They’re fun for all ages if it’s a 10 year olds’ superhero party or a 21st birthday. We all know that when alcohol is involved we tend to make faces that we never knew were possible. Add cowboy hats and oversized sunglasses to the mix and you’ve got embarrassing photos of your friends that you can treasure. For kid’s parties the excitement of trying to stuff all of your friends into a crowded box is enough. So indulge and make your party unforgettable.


Prom is the one day that girls and boys can celebrate the coming of age or in general finally just leaving school which I’m sure we all remember looking forward to. The girls spend months picking out dresses and the boys pick tuxes to match their dates. Again as per usual a photographer is the usual pick. I’m not begrudging hiring a photographer because finishing school you’d want a professional photo that you can keep and frame and your mum can show to every single person you know. However hiring a photo booth makes things more exciting. Photo booths produce unstaged, quality photos that really capture the moment as opposed to staged professional photography. Sure the photographer’s photos may be perfect but the photo booth photos are the ones that you’ll keep in your purse and smile whenever you glance at them or keep in memory boxes that you’ll discover years later.

Work Events

Work parties are notorious for co-workers letting loose and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. A boss sees his employees in a new light and everyone discusses the shenanigans in the office the next day. Having a photobooth is brilliant for capturing memories and who did what. It’s a perfect excuse for employees to break the ice and get to know each other and enjoy themselves. As an employer it’s a great way for you to boost office morale. After all happy workers work harder.

Those are just a few occasions but really when is it not a good idea to hire a photo booth in London?

Wedding days are always a special occasion, the coming together of family and friends to witness the unity of two people. It is such a tear jerking experience and should be celebrated and cherished. That is why couples try their hardest to save up money and spend all of it in trying to plan the perfect wedding. But couples tend to forget that after the wedding day, they still have a life after the huge party. Most of the couples become broke, and are only living off on the cash gifts given to them. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Making your wedding perfect does not have to be expensive.

Decide on a budget
One of the first things that need to be done is decide on your budget. How much are the two of you willing to spend for the wedding. A wedding on budget does not necessarily mean that it’s not going to be the perfect wedding. You can still make it perfect but you need to be more creative rather than spending all your money on it.
wedding planning
Research is a common process when planning a wedding. But don’t just research on the dress or the theme but research also on wedding suppliers like caterers, designers, flower arrangers, and bakers. This can help save money, rather than having a coordinator find the suppliers.

Choose your guests
Now this can help in saving you money for your wedding. Invite your close friends and family that both of you know as a couple. Of course this is a celebration of two people uniting as one, at least the people that witness it actually know the couple. Being picky on the guests not only saves you money but it can give the most loving atmosphere during the celebration because you know that the people you invited are truly happy for you.

Have a post wedding celebration
Now this may seem off but actually it really is a money saver. During weddings, the caterers are most often expensive. Now if you do follow the previous tip of inviting only your close friends and family to your wedding, so that other people won’t feel bad, you can have a post wedding celebration. You can get a less expensive caterer and have a party for all your other friends and distant relatives.

wedding coordinators
On the day coordinators
Now, of course coordinators are very useful during the wedding day itself because you can’t be the bride or groom and still be worrying about the food while walking down the aisle. So hire a good coordinator for the actual wedding day. Or you can ask a family member or a close friend to be your wedding coordinator. Just make sure to give them all the details of your preparation a few days before so that they can also prepare. As well as a professional coordinator for the day, ensure you hire a professional makeup artist. Something that Jess Robin Makeup Artist can provide for the beautiful bride’s special day!

A DIY wedding can be a good experience for the couple. It can make you closer and a stronger couple in the end.