Waxing hair removal

One of the more traditional methods of removing unwanted hair which even our mothers have been using for decades now is waxing. A proven and simple method, it is based on using a resin-based product similar to wax in order to remove the complete hair. This means the hair is pulled out of the root, together with the follicle. Therefore, it is a bit more effective than plain shaving because it produces longer lasting results.

How does waxing work?

The process can be simplified as wax on – wax off. So, it all starts with applying the warm (or sometimes cold) wax to your skin; to be exact, the area you wish to rid of hair. The wax should be spread over the area in the general direction of hair growth. Then, a piece of cloth or paper is placed on top of the wax. This is the material most commonly used to remove the hair together with the wax. A special kind of wax called hard wax becomes a strip itself because it gets hard enough and there is no need to use cloth or paper. Pre-made strips of cloth or paper are also available. These can make the process a little easier because the wax is already attached to the strip. They give the best results with a little friction applied over them. This way the way underneath can get warm enough and soft enough for the hair to adhere better.

Once the wax has reached the proper consistency, it should be quickly pulled off the skin. The strip of cloth is always pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. If the whole process was performed correctly, the whole hair, including the follicle should come out in one clean stroke.

The advantages of waxing

Waxing is a rather fast method. Not as quick as shaving, of course, but much faster when compared to plucking, where you have to locate and pluck out each individual hair. Wax works well because it can cover a large area at once and remove the hair from it quickly. For example, experienced professionals can remove the hair from both legs using wax in about one hour. Silky Smooth Beauty based in Fulham have great professionals who can perform these services.

Furthermore, waxing can be performed in beauty salons, of course, but in the comfort of your own home too. Manufacturers provide complete waxing kits and you can find all kinds of useful advice about waxing on the internet. Finally, frequent waxing has shown very good results which can lead to permanent hair removal.

The disadvantages of waxing

First of all, you need to get a bit hairy. At least 6mm of hair is necessary for the method to work. This means 3 to 4 weeks of waiting. You should also have in mind that waxing is sometimes a bit more complicated than it sounds, so professional help is advised.

When it comes to longevity of the results, usually regrowth appears at about 4 to six weeks, but it can also appear after only 2 weeks. Keep in mind that waxing is not exactly a permanent solution.

A wedding is a grand celebration for every couple. It is the time which marks the start of their family life. The bride should be the most beautiful lady while the groom should be the most charming. Everything in the wedding should be perfect to make it the best celebration it can be. However, the couples are not the only people in the event. There are hundreds of guests attending the event to witness the new phase of life for the new couple. Therefore, it should not only be the couple who should enjoy the wedding celebration but also the guests. When it comes to bringing magic to the wedding, nothing is better in doing it than a wedding magician. Here are the advantages of hiring a wedding magician.

  1. Affordable – Hiring a wedding magician is a lot cheaper than everyone assumes. There are a lot of wedding magicians available and you can definitely find a wedding magician which provides quality performance. It is easy to fit a wedding magician into the budget.
  2. Entertains the guests – The main purpose of hiring a wedding magician is to provide entertainment for the guests. Photography sessions would take some time to finish leaving several guests waiting without anything to do. A wedding magician can entertain the guests until it is their turn for the photo session or other activities to start. This maintains the festive atmosphere of the wedding.
  3. Provides an opportunity for strangers to interact – There are guests which attend the wedding celebration alone and do not have any acquaintances among the other guests. Several of these guests would feel left out on the event and might end up sneaking out of the venue. A wedding magician would often attract such guests and can provide opportunity for these guests to interact with other guests. This is a great way to make all the guests enjoy the wedding.
  4. Requires little space to perform – Performers like a band would often require a wide area to perform. On the contrary, wedding magicians require little space to perform which makes them a perfect choice for weddings with limited space in the venue. Some wedding magicians could even perform in front of the table of the guests and will simply roam around to entertain them.
  5. Makes the wedding standout – Since wedding magicians are rarely seen in weddings, it makes the wedding standout making it a great experience for the guests which they would talk on the later years.

With all these benefits, hiring a wedding magician will never be a wrong choice. If your budget is limited, just remember a magician is vital.

Wedding Car Troubles – Find The Perfect Vehicle

Weddings have evolved into huge opportunities for people to spend big and go all out on the most important day of most people’s life’s’. Celebrities’ weddings are even reaching the news with the extravagant lengths they go to in order to make their day even more special and unique. They are not the only people. Weddings are developing into more than just a few church hymns and a meal after the ceremony. More money is pouring into the wedding day budget and transport is now high up on the list.

Prices for wedding car/Supercar hire range from £300-£2,000 depending on the location and what type of car you choose. Also location will play a key part, for London prices are higher whereas people looking for a local wedding care hire company, you’ll be able to get a cheaper rate.

Nowadays people are choosing more unique and rare cars for their choice of transport to and from their wedding venue. Some even use their own car for their wedding. They visit Whoops Wheel Fix It for alloy wheel repair, so that the car looks the part, ready for the big day.

It’s no longer just the bride getting the special treatment and a unique form of transport. The grooms are also getting their own car for hire and sport cars are becoming a popular option. Nissan GTR, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari and similar sport names are now available on the market for wedding car hire. Normal hire of sport cars is giving them a chance to experience something new and make them feel just as special as the brides do. It is even possible to hire a car to drive yourself!
Many wedding car providers will allow you to drive a super-car of your choice for the day to and from the wedding venue. You can have the opportunity to drive some of the worlds most expensive and powerful cars on your wedding day. This is becoming quite a popular option for many couples, however as you can imagine it is mainly for the grooms. If you are interested in making your wedding day a bit different and exciting then you should research around for local providers who can offer you the best price.

Wedding is among the most important events in your life. It is the time where you say your vows and legally ties the bond with your partner. For such an important event, it is understandable to capture every precious moments throughout the wedding from the wedding preparation, stag and hen dos parties, and up to the reception. In order to capture your wonderful wedding, you would either hire a wedding videographer, photographer or both. Though some would prefer a wedding videographer since videos contains most if not all the events during the wedding, wedding photography is still a must-have to most couples. And aside from the photographs during the actual wedding, there are photo sessions which couples do even before the wedding ceremony.Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 15.29.38 If you are planning to have a wedding photo session, here are the different options in wedding photography which you can choose from.

  1. Traditional or Classical – Traditional or classical approach is mostly done during the wedding ceremony. The usual traditional approach is where the wedding photographer takes control of the photo session. The photographer provides instruction on the poses, arrangement and many more in order to capture great photos.
  2. Photojournalistic – Photojournalistic is the opposite of traditional wedding photography. This approach has little to no interference from the wedding photographer. Most of the time, the couples are allowed to interact with each other or enjoy the scenery while the wedding photographer takes candid photos of the couple in other words, it is free flowing. This type of approach creates a more genuine feeling on the photographs compared to controlled traditional photographs.
  3. Fashion-based – Fashion-based wedding photography is a combination of traditional and photojournalistic approach of wedding photography. The photographer take candid pictures as well as arranged photos then create an album using both approach to give a new look on the photo session. Most couples today are using this approach since it gives more options while ensuring that the poses and backgrounds can provide high quality photos.
  4. Studio – Studio wedding photography is widely used in Asia during the 1990s and early 2000s though there are still several areas which use this kind of wedding photography. Couples go to a studio to have their wedding photos taken or hire a studio to send a photographer to their homes or selected location to get their photos.

With several options to choose from in wedding photography  like http://www.paul-hubbard.co.uk/wedding-photography-essex/ , you can have a photo session which will suit your style. It is not a problem if the type of photo session you dream of is not among the four types above since wedding photographers are professionals and can easily adopt in order to meet your needs and provide you the best photo session experience and quality photos. You can always ask your wedding photographer about the type of approach they can do and if they can provide your ideal wedding photo session.

10 Things You Need On Your Stag Do

A stag do is a man’s last night of freedom so it’s only right that you celebrate things in style. Check out Algarve Fun and plan an unforgettable Stag Do,Here’s the guide to everything you need for a great stag do and an even better morning after.

Alcohol and lots of it

I mean how can you recreate The Hangover if you’re not drunk? A stag do is the one time any man can break free especially if you’re working in an office all day. Which is where the alcohol of any form comes in. If you’re are going to get drunk then you do need to do it properly which means spirits, liquor or anything you can get your hands on.


Any stag do won’t be complete without props. For this I suggest you raid a local adult store and pick up anything that will embarrass the husband to be. It’s his stag do after all and he can’t say no.


You’re going to need travel for all your friends from your house to the big city for your big night out. May Day Travel London coach hire will take you and your whole crew to your hotel. This is a lot cheaper than driving yourself, and you can start drinking on the coach!


Now here you can be as flexible as you like, as it is merely a matter of preference. Some traditional stag do entertainment is obviously a stripper but more and more men are moving away from this to go for real team building fun like paintball or a trip to Las Vegas.


Costumes are probably the most notorious part of a stag do. Some people go completely wild and come up with wacky costumes for an extra-added bit of humour. Another popular option when it comes to clothing though is printed t shirts. We all know every group of lads have nicknames for each other, some deliberately embarrassing. Having matching T-shirts makes your stag do look like a force to be reckoned with.


A stag do is the perfect opportunity to bring out every manly piece of food possible. As the stag’s last “free day” it’s his chance to eat whatever he wants. So that means Ribs, Steak, Bacon and ridiculous amounts of meat. A dinner for the whole squad to look forward to.


Traditionally gambling is always a part of a stag do. Fitting in with the idea of a stag do being one night of freedom is exactly why it’s the perfect way to end your night. Casinos are always open 24 hours and that means your entourage really don’t have to go home.


We all know that weddings are meant to be one of the most special times in our lives. We cherish and remember every detail of it, even down to the flowers. However probably the most significant decision that we’ll make for this special day is something that is often overlooked or even forgotten about in spite of the wedding craze. The rings.

images-1When it comes to the importance of a ring the movie ‘Lord Of The Rings’ has the right idea. A ring should be loved, cherished, and of course referred to as my precious at all times. In the movie the journey of finding the perfect ring is legendary. They crossed an entire land and fought fearsome beasts. Luckily enough all though the ring still remains as important you won’t have to travel or even look that far, at least not without my help.

Firstly when looking for a ring you’ve got to consider your preference in style. Some prefer a plain style in order to reinforce that the ring doesn’t matter that much. Honestly the rings going to be on your finger “till death do us part” and that is a hell of a long time. So I advice visiting high quality websites that specialise in wedding rings like Just Platinum Rings.

Of course once you’ve considered the style you might want to consider substance. After all without substance everything is meaningful. The best substance of them all is quite clearly platinum, and all though most choose gold I feel platinum is a better choice. The quality of your ring should define the quality of your marriage and with a platinum ring there is no question.

Lastly if you doubt the significance of a ring in a wedding, it may be materialistic but the origins of it are pure. A ring being never ending signifies how you and your partner will be together for eternity. Eternity is a lovely thought. The idea that you love someone enough to spend you’re entire life together is truly beautiful and having a beautiful ring to remind you of that every time you glance at your hand is perfect. So when it comes to love never compromise, because you’ll be making up for it for the rest of your life.

Your wedding transport plays a vital role in your wedding. Not only your guests will see it but everyone in town gets to see it. The appearance of the wedding transport can give an impression of the type of wedding that is taking place. Just like Cinderella rode a magnificent carriage on her way to the ball, make your dream wedding a reality by choose a wedding transport in style. There are different types of transport used in the wedding. Here are some of them that might just be perfect for your wedding.



Traditional or Vintage Cars

Traditional or vintage cars are still the most popular choice especially for grand wedding celebrations. Vintage cars projects class and elegance. These cars are also considered the perfect wedding cars. White vintage cars are very popular as a wedding transport.

Retro Cars

Retro cars are gaining ground among wedding transport. They are romantic and cute which make them a popular choice to some couples. They also offer a new and refreshing touch for the wedding ceremony. Many romantic movies with wedding celebration show retro cars used by couple for their honeymoon.

VW Campervans

Campervans are used as a wedding transport due to comfort and size. It can carry several people which is perfect for bridesmaids and groomsmen without sacrificing comfort. Some also use this car as the car for the bride. Bride have long wedding gowns will not have to worry about their dress when riding this car. Campervans are also customized and comes in different colors to suit different wedding themes.

Vintage Buses

Some couple think that using traditional cars to travel during the wedding is a little lonely. Vintage cars can accommodate a lot of people including the newlyweds making the celebration continues as they move from venue to venue.

Tractors and Trailers

Countryside weddings sometimes go to this route. They are perfect for bad roads and provide an open view to appreciate the scenery in the countryside. They are also stylish even with the barns and other stuffs.

Bicycle or Bikes

Some couples who are tight on budget sometimes opted for bikes as a transportation. They are convenient for short distance travel without spending too much.

Public Transport

Young couple with friends on their wedding often use public transport as a more practical means to travel.

Mini-Bus Hire

If the couple has a close amount of guests that live further away from the venue mini bus hire essex is also a possibility. The guests can travel in luxury to the venue and it ensures no one gets left behind.


Air or Sea Transport

Some who can afford or just due to their location often choose to travel through air or sea. Using a plane or helicopter is very elegant for the wedding which travel long distances between venues. They are costly though. Those who are situation in a beach or choose to host the reception in a beach or island use boats as wedding transport.

Regardless of the type of wedding transport you choose, simple touches could make a difference and convert the vehicle as your perfect wedding transport.