DIY Wedding

Wedding days are always a special occasion, the coming together of family and friends to witness the unity of two people. It is such a tear jerking experience and should be celebrated and cherished. That is why couples try their hardest to save up money and spend all of it in trying to plan the perfect wedding. But couples tend to forget that after the wedding day, they still have a life after the huge party. Most of the couples become broke, and are only living off on the cash gifts given to them. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Making your wedding perfect does not have to be expensive.

Decide on a budget
One of the first things that need to be done is decide on your budget. How much are the two of you willing to spend for the wedding. A wedding on budget does not necessarily mean that it’s not going to be the perfect wedding. You can still make it perfect but you need to be more creative rather than spending all your money on it.
wedding planning
Research is a common process when planning a wedding. But don’t just research on the dress or the theme but research also on wedding suppliers like caterers, designers, flower arrangers, and bakers. This can help save money, rather than having a coordinator find the suppliers.

Choose your guests
Now this can help in saving you money for your wedding. Invite your close friends and family that both of you know as a couple. Of course this is a celebration of two people uniting as one, at least the people that witness it actually know the couple. Being picky on the guests not only saves you money but it can give the most loving atmosphere during the celebration because you know that the people you invited are truly happy for you.

Have a post wedding celebration
Now this may seem off but actually it really is a money saver. During weddings, the caterers are most often expensive. Now if you do follow the previous tip of inviting only your close friends and family to your wedding, so that other people won’t feel bad, you can have a post wedding celebration. You can get a less expensive caterer and have a party for all your other friends and distant relatives.

wedding coordinators
On the day coordinators
Now, of course coordinators are very useful during the wedding day itself because you can’t be the bride or groom and still be worrying about the food while walking down the aisle. So hire a good coordinator for the actual wedding day. Or you can ask a family member or a close friend to be your wedding coordinator. Just make sure to give them all the details of your preparation a few days before so that they can also prepare. As well as a professional coordinator for the day, ensure you hire a professional makeup artist. Something that Jess Robin Makeup Artist can provide for the beautiful bride’s special day!

A DIY wedding can be a good experience for the couple. It can make you closer and a stronger couple in the end.

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