How Important Is A Wedding Ring?

ring holding handsThe wedding ring symbolises love, devotion, and the joining of two families. This is a gift couples will exchange before their marriage. It is a promise, an eternity ring. The physical structure of the ring as changed with time due to civilization, now it looks more beautiful. Precious metals and stones like Orla James white gold wedding rings are considered to be of greater value thus it means more. The meaning of the ring is always the same over all continents and throughout time. However, wearing a ring has stirred up a debate, whether it is necessary to wear it or if it is an outdated concept. Wearing a ring still however remains importatant and here’s why:


Putting on a ring in public shows the world that you value your spouse, and it is a sign of the covenant of your marriage. You should wear it regularly so that when you come into contact with someone, he or she will notice whether you are married or not due to a presence of the ring. A wedding ring immediately demonstrates to others your availability, character, and your marital status.


Wearing a ring when you are together with your spouse is a symbol of past promises, present blessings, and future shared destiny. When couples hold hands and feel each other’s ring, is another palpable reminder of the beautiful commitment they have with each other. This is a simple way to display to your partner just how much they mean to you.


Wearing a ring when you are alone reminds you of everything you do. It constantly reminds you your constant connection when you are physically together or apart and that wonderful little reminder can be something to get you through the day.

Symbol of eternity

The wedding ring is the circle in nature it has got no end or beginning this symbolises endless love. It is worn on a fourth finger on the left hand. It is believed that the vein in that finger leads directly to the wearer’s heart.

Symbolise commitment

Many cultures in the world recognise the wedding ring as a commitment to one’s spouse. It serves as a symbol of hope and eternal relationship even when you lose that partner. It is mutual covenant until death do you part.

Symbolises partnership

A wedding ring symbolises more than monogamy, and it shows that you are still keeping the promise you made to each other. The monogamous life that you will live is your family growth. A wedding ring will strengthen your marriage and partnership.


Couples exchange wedding rings after they take their vows. The exchange of rings has many symbols, and they reflects the marital life of the couple. It mainly symbolises eternal circles of love and faithfulness. People choose fitting rings to avoid cutting or forcing the fit and this shows the circle should never be broken.

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