Know How To Tell Fake Platinum Apart From A Real One

wedding-exchanging-ringsIf you and your soon-to-be better-half decided that you’ll have platinum wedding rings, then you’re probably out looking for a shop that sells platinum wedding rings right now. However, since buying jewelry as important as this is not like buying burger, which you do even while half asleep, you sure have worries. Of course you fear about being conned. To have a peace of mind, here’s how to spot fake platinum from a real one.

The Source

Making an extravagant purchase like buying platinum ring should be done with great caution. So the first step that you should take is double check the place that sells platinum wedding rings. Do you have relatives or friends who can vouch for its authenticity and reliability? Has the shop been operating for years now or it’s just new in town? Do you know any of its past clients and what have they got to say about the seller? It’s important that the source is trust-worthy.

Don’t Be Easily Swayed By Platinum Bargains

Platinum is actually 30 times more rare than gold, therefore it goes without saying that it comes with a price. So, if you hear some unbelievable platinum ring sale, resist the urge to buy into it so easily. Not unless you personally know and trust the person who is offering the bargain.

Know How To Differentiate Platinum From Silver

They may seem similar but they’re actually not the same. Here’s how to know if you’re looking at platinum or silver ring:

  • Platinum is harder than silver. To test it, use your fingernail and see if you can scratch the gray-colored metal. If you can, then it’s silver.
  • Platinum is heavier compared to silver. So if you’re at a platinum ring shop, ask for it to be weigh. If it’s platinum you should be seeing 18 grams/cc, but if you’re only getting about 10 grams/cc then you’re likely looking at a silver ring.

Don’t Confuse Platinum From White Gold

White Gold is another metal you might mistake for platinum. Therefore, to be sure that you have the right metal, know the difference between platinum and white gold. Gold actually have the same case with silver, it is also lighter and can’t be easily scratched or harder to dent compared to platinum.


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