Waxing hair removal

One of the more traditional methods of removing unwanted hair which even our mothers have been using for decades now is waxing. A proven and simple method, it is based on using a resin-based product similar to wax in order to remove the complete hair. This means the hair is pulled out of the root, together with the follicle. Therefore, it is a bit more effective than plain shaving because it produces longer lasting results.

How does waxing work?

The process can be simplified as wax on – wax off. So, it all starts with applying the warm (or sometimes cold) wax to your skin; to be exact, the area you wish to rid of hair. The wax should be spread over the area in the general direction of hair growth. Then, a piece of cloth or paper is placed on top of the wax. This is the material most commonly used to remove the hair together with the wax. A special kind of wax called hard wax becomes a strip itself because it gets hard enough and there is no need to use cloth or paper. Pre-made strips of cloth or paper are also available. These can make the process a little easier because the wax is already attached to the strip. They give the best results with a little friction applied over them. This way the way underneath can get warm enough and soft enough for the hair to adhere better.

Once the wax has reached the proper consistency, it should be quickly pulled off the skin. The strip of cloth is always pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. If the whole process was performed correctly, the whole hair, including the follicle should come out in one clean stroke.

The advantages of waxing

Waxing is a rather fast method. Not as quick as shaving, of course, but much faster when compared to plucking, where you have to locate and pluck out each individual hair. Wax works well because it can cover a large area at once and remove the hair from it quickly. For example, experienced professionals can remove the hair from both legs using wax in about one hour. Silky Smooth Beauty based in Fulham have great professionals who can perform these services.

Furthermore, waxing can be performed in beauty salons, of course, but in the comfort of your own home too. Manufacturers provide complete waxing kits and you can find all kinds of useful advice about waxing on the internet. Finally, frequent waxing has shown very good results which can lead to permanent hair removal.

The disadvantages of waxing

First of all, you need to get a bit hairy. At least 6mm of hair is necessary for the method to work. This means 3 to 4 weeks of waiting. You should also have in mind that waxing is sometimes a bit more complicated than it sounds, so professional help is advised.

When it comes to longevity of the results, usually regrowth appears at about 4 to six weeks, but it can also appear after only 2 weeks. Keep in mind that waxing is not exactly a permanent solution.

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