When should you hire a photo booth?

thumbsGone are the days where cameras are the only ways to capture a memory. Now we have numerous ways from, our phones down to video cameras and even Snapchat. Something that seems to be becoming extremely popular for a number of different reasons is a photo booth.

Now we all know that pretty much everyone uses photo booths for passport photos. They’re quick, easy and convenient considering they’re plastered in every supermarket that exists, however the need for photo booths has evolved. And here’s exactly when and why you need one:


Traditionally at a wedding you’d hire a photographer or even a videographer in todays technology age. Whilst these are all good means of keeping memories that you can put in your photo albums they’re not exactly fun. Which is exactly what you get when you hire a photo booth. Your wedding guests can pose with silly props to their hearts content. There’s something nostalgic and exciting about taking photos behind a curtain that no one else can see.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are exactly the place that you need a photo booth. They’re fun for all ages if it’s a 10 year olds’ superhero party or a 21st birthday. We all know that when alcohol is involved we tend to make faces that we never knew were possible. Add cowboy hats and oversized sunglasses to the mix and you’ve got embarrassing photos of your friends that you can treasure. For kid’s parties the excitement of trying to stuff all of your friends into a crowded box is enough. So indulge and make your party unforgettable.


Prom is the one day that girls and boys can celebrate the coming of age or in general finally just leaving school which I’m sure we all remember looking forward to. The girls spend months picking out dresses and the boys pick tuxes to match their dates. Again as per usual a photographer is the usual pick. I’m not begrudging hiring a photographer because finishing school you’d want a professional photo that you can keep and frame and your mum can show to every single person you know. However hiring a photo booth makes things more exciting. Photo booths produce unstaged, quality photos that really capture the moment as opposed to staged professional photography. Sure the photographer’s photos may be perfect but the photo booth photos are the ones that you’ll keep in your purse and smile whenever you glance at them or keep in memory boxes that you’ll discover years later.

Work Events

Work parties are notorious for co-workers letting loose and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. A boss sees his employees in a new light and everyone discusses the shenanigans in the office the next day. Having a photobooth is brilliant for capturing memories and who did what. It’s a perfect excuse for employees to break the ice and get to know each other and enjoy themselves. As an employer it’s a great way for you to boost office morale. After all happy workers work harder.

Those are just a few occasions but really when is it not a good idea to hire a photo booth in London?

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