Why Hiring a DJ Is Ideal for Your Wedding

wedding-reception-4qwdehm6At weddings, music is a necessity to create a brilliant day, not only for you but for your guests, too. Music is a vital way of helping guests to unwind at such an informal event as a wedding. It helps them to feel comfortable, despite the formality of the occasion and ceremony. It also provides a sense of entertainment in the evening after the ceremony. Although an iPod playlist can be used, this does not provide the same amount of interaction, as hiring a DJ will. DJ hire or hiring a Teach Tutti musician is preferred over iPod playlists, for the following reasons.


The most obvious advantage of hiring a professional DJ is their experience. They will have been a DJ at a number of previous events, including weddings. Therefore, they will have inside knowledge of what guests and crowds in general respond well to. They will know when to slow things down, and when to play party classics, ensuring a well received response from your guests.


A DJ will be responsible for various effects whilst playing music. This can range from sound effects, lighting effects and even other special effects. Without a DJ, you are likely to be too busy to be tending to the music, playing with effects. DJs often control lighting, to change the mood of the room. Sound effects such as echoes add something special to your music of choice. Other effects such as smoke or lasers may also be available.


With a premade iPod playlist, you cannot respond to the demands of your guests. You may have forgotten a killer party tune, or may wish to add music as the night goes on, to suit the mood. DJs often play songs from a laptop or hard drive, thus possessing a world of music just a click away. Guests can simply ask for a song they like to be played and are almost guaranteed that it would be played.

Finding a DJ for your event can be difficult, but with help it can be made easy. You could simply ask your wedding venue for their list of recommended DJs or search for DJ hire from your area. However, you should ensure that your DJ has a list of your preferred tracks, to make sure that they can definitely play these!

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